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About Ken Canion

Ken Canion emerges as a transformative force in the world of relationship coaching, celebrated authorship, and dynamic public speaking. His mission? To lead individuals and couples to the pinnacle of genuine, deeply satisfying partnerships. At the heart of Ken’s distinctive approach is his pioneering “Canion Culture Methodology,” a groundbreaking experience designed to reinvent how relationships function, fostering an environment rich in empathy and mutual respect. As the author of eight influential books, with “The Canion Culture: Creating Relationships That Last” standing out as a cornerstone work, Ken blends insightful reflections with actionable strategies, all rooted in a deep well of professional acumen and personal devotion. His influence extends far beyond the page, captivating global audiences through high-profile media engagements and powerful oratory, sparking a movement towards enriched connections and deeper understanding. 

Ken has been featured in Black Enterprise and Essence magazines. He has also been highlighted on CNN, Fox, CBS ,QVC, and the Home Shopping Channel.

*Author of 8 books

*Relationship Expert Coach on MTV TV Show Unfaithful: Caught in the Act 

*Creator and Founder of The Relationship Academy

*Creator and Founder of The PocketCommunicationCoach.com 




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